T H E   S T O R Y   
B E H I N D   T H E   N A M E

Futuris is the name of a new city, where people have positive minds, consume lightly, trash nothing, reuse everything, respect nature in style. It is now! I believe jewelry is a language used across ages and cultures to express a part of our inner self and to distinguish each other from the crowd.

With the creation of The Linea Collection, I aim to create an infinite number of possibilities, an alphabet of symbols using an abundance of geometric shapes and color combinations to provide a rich, diverse system of encrypted symbols to wear as sculptural art to stand away from conformity and forge our own individual styles with a unique wearable.

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J O E L L E   B E N V E N U T O

Focusing on self-expression, I have created something that you can personalize to your taste. With many different shapes and color combinations, I wish to allow my customers to create their own signs.


Unleashing your creativity and exhibiting it as a piece of art, a unique wearable. I believe in uniquely made pieces that can complete a simple look for different occasions. It all started in my garage, with my habit of building unique things with versatile materials. Jewelry has always evolved with centuries and I wanted to mark it by creating something fun, bold, casual, unrecognizable, and sturdy. FuturisNow is the reaction to fast fashion, where instead of buying new clothes to align with the trending world all the time you get attached to something you created that defines you and you wear it a long time.


I love to collaborate with my customers to support them in their desire to create something unique.  You can also create unique ensembles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. This is a new adventure and I'm so grateful you are visiting. Contact me if you have any questions. Customer happiness is my top priority, I answer all emails and read all comments.


It is important for me to know how delighted you are wearing FuturisNow art wearables. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve customers worldwide through Etsy. Thanks to your support, I can continue to create more art.